And just like that, 2017 is ending.  The old cliche′ is true. Where do the years go?  The older we are and the busier our schedules get, the faster our days fly by.  2017 shapes up no to be no different.

 As 2018 draws near, I have noticed the intensity of advertising, data, communication, and information overload.  It comes at us faster than we can process.  We have to be diligent in our ability to filter and focus.  Technology is no different. The choices with which companies faced today are limitless.

 Frankly, there are a number of ways to accomplish our goals with technology.  That’s the easy part.  The tough part is pairing the right blend of technology, service providers and staff to successfully accomplish our business goals.

 Here, at iSymplify, we strive with each customer engagement, to approach our practice as if we are the owner of our clients’ business:
  • How would we solve a particular business challenge?
  • What qualities are we looking for in a vendor?
  • Are we willing to pay for premium service or does our budget drive savings?

These are the questions we face for our clients.  We consider it a privilege to serve and look out for our clients’ best interest.

As we close out the year and reflect upon the successes, I pause to smile at the people we encounter.  Technology is known to blow up, malfunction, let us down at times.  What rises to the top are people and relationships.  It’s what makes us all stronger and coming back every day.

We are now entering into the era where all companies, large and small, are collecting massive amounts of data.  Sophisticated algorithms and analytics lead the charts of importance for business intelligence. Technology is absolutely integral to a company’s success.  It is now reflective of the strategy to grow companies organically, offer better client engagement services and create product differentiation. Now more than ever.

We are psyched about the projects we are leading.  Helping clients manage inventory, improve customer experience, track and measure all sorts of performance indicators.  Cloud enabling the contact center, cybersecurity, voice and data networks are just a few of the technologies we are helping our clients migrate to.  These are truly allowing our clients to be more competitive, nimble and successful.

Thank you for all our success in 2017! We value your partnership, knowledge and friendship.  Our clients, colleagues and partners are like family to us. For that we are immensely proud.   And, like family, there are hard days; but we will band together and push through!

Wishing you, your family, friends and business, warm wishes this holiday.  Cheers to your health and success in 2018!

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