7 Myths of Enterprise Cloud Contact Centers

08 June 2018

No matter how desirable innovation may be, it’s human nature to be hesitant about new and beneficial solutions. The path of least resistance is to continue with well-established techniques and resources. Over time, our personal experiences and preferences can create defacto beliefs—even when inaccurate or outdated.

There are many myths about cloud services that have developed in large contact centers over the years, many due to re-enforcement from companies promising far more than they have been able to deliver, leading to expectations that haven’t been met and frustrations.

Several of these myths are discussed in an ebook by McGee-Smith Analytics, called Dispelling the 7 Myths of Enterprise Cloud-based Contact Centers. The critical myths covered are:

  • There’s No Difference Between Public and Private Clouds
  • Moving to the Cloud is Forklift Upgrade
  • The Cloud Isn’t Secure
  • The Cloud Isn’t Reliable
  • With Cloud Solutions, Companies Lose Control
  • Cloud Applications are Difficult to Integrate
  • IT and Contact Center Staff Resist Moving to the Cloud

Some of these probably are very familiar, and numerous companies and industry professionals have repeated many for years. You or your company may have moved past most of them, but continue to have beliefs that cloud applications are only good for small- and medium-sized business.

According to their report, which examines the most common myths and separates fact from myth, this isn’t the case: “2017 applications designed to be delivered in AWS are the new benchmark and those remaining on premises equipment are TWO technology generations behind.”

Security is another big issue addressed in this report. “There are those who continue to believe that multi-tenant cloud applications are systemically unsafe, and those who believe that they are impenetrable. They’re both wrong…if a company takes precautions … the data in the cloud will likely be safer than it was in the traditional system”.

Improving the Customer Experience

The report also addresses integration and the benefits a cloud solution can deliver to help solve one of the most significant concerns companies have – customer experience. “… companies are waking up in this age of customer experience … Increasingly, the move to the cloud is getting dictated in the contact center market, by old infrastructure.”

Cloud clears the way for exceptional, omnichannel customer experiences. Delaying only puts companies at a competitive disadvantage, while digital transformation and those embracing the benefits a cloud solution can offer gain exponential steam.

Today’s forward-thinking businesses, like Amazon, Google, and Apple are making experiences more efficient and confident for their customers. Leading brands are acting on this knowledge that customers have choices and expect exceptional experiences. In another study by NICE inContact, eight in 10 customers report that if they have an unsatisfactory customer experience, they’ll consider switching brands.

Those who benefit from enterprises sticking with the status quo aren’t actual customers; they’re the very companies perpetuating fear and doubt. If you’re considering moving your contact center to the cloud but have oncerns, this ebook may prove to be insightful.

At iSymplify, we see these myths manifest themselves every day across dozens of industries and companies. We counsel and guide our clients through the cloud landscape – identifying the differences between each provider and service – to help dispell these myths while fostering successful business outcomes for our clients.

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