Case Study

This retailer began over 100 years ago as a well-respected provider of clothing and household goods in the Midwest. Later acquired, they grew into a nationwide discount specialty department store as part of a retail group with 800+ stores across multiple brands. With revenues exceeding $1B, this retailer has seen tremendous growth and leveraged technology to extend their reach from storefront to smartphone.  


Streamlining Growth
Improving Efficiency

During the economic recession of 2008, this retailer wanted to reduce operating expenses as much as possible, without affecting quality of service. This was occurring at the same time that existing systems needed to be refreshed to remain competitive. After the recession, expansion and a merger required both new services and the need for several service transitions.


Consolidating Services and Upgrading Existing Networks to Maximize ROI


During the life of this client relationship, there have been many challenges – ranging from pricing/budgetary concerns to a merger/acquisition, as well as business growth – requiring the opening of new locations. With quick turn times, acquiring and installing services in time for openings was a critical factor.


When opening 20 new stores, iSymplify coordinated all voice, data, security and mobility needs for the new locations – ordering new services from a variety of vendors involved, while managing key project milestones such as fixture date, soft opening and grand opening dates. We also provided fall back plans, in the event voice or data lines are not available. We later helped design an MPLS network with managed services, firewalls, and fixed wireless back up services with a robust failover design that ensured the network would be 100% available and require little to no manual intervention from store personnel. When acquired in 2017, iSymplify coordinated the migration and integration across two managed network service providers to ensure both brands remained fully operational during the transition. Additionally, iSymplify worked with the providers to assure services were turned down properly, bills stayed accurate, and the new team was fully briefed.  

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